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Jafar Mohammad Al-Shayeb


Jafar Al-Shayeb is a Saudi writer, political activist, and an elected Chairman of Qatif Municipal Council in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Contact Information:

Mobile: +966 50 582-2129

Interests and Expertise:

Middle East politics, Saudi Arabia, economic and social developments, human rights, and civil society

Summarized Resume:

Jafar Al-Shayeb was educated in the US , holds B.S. degree in electronic engineering from University of Southern Colorado, M.S. degree in economics from Middle Tennessee State University, and has completed many specialized courses in international trade and finance. He worked in the fields of finance and administration in many private companies and currently manages his own business in telecommunications and IT consulting.

Jafar Al-Shayeb is a regular commentator and analyst of local politics and reform issues in many press and media channels; among which are Saudi Radio and TV, BBC, Al-Jazera TV, Al-Arabia TV, Asharq Al-Awsat, Al-Yaum, Arab News etc. He has participated in many international seminars and conferences in the areas of human rights and political developments.


He has been actively involved in reform and wider popular participation. He sponsors Tuesday Cultural Forum, a weekly social gathering started in 1999, aims to set grounds for dialogue and discussion of different social and political issues that concern community leaders and activists. Al-Shayeb heads local charity foundations and youth programs concern about social developments, and has participated in National Dialogue Conferences in Saudi Arabia.


Beside being an elected member of Qatif Municipal Council, he also serves as an active member in many organizations; among which are the National Society for Human Rights (Saudi Arab,(ia Arab Forum for Dialogue and Citizenship (Lebanon), Network of Democrats in the Arab World (Morocco(, Global Network for Local Governance (India), and Arab League for Democracy (Yemen).



Participated in the Following Conferences:


Elections and Democratic Transudations in the arab world

Al-Quds Center for Political Studies

Amman  Jordan (26 - 27 January 2008)


Sanaa Conference for Democracy in the Arab World

Arab League for Democracy

Sanaa  Yemen (22 - 23 August 2007)


Sharing the Spanish Municipal Experiment

Club of Madrid & NDI

Madrid  Spain (15 - 22 July  2007)


The Shiite Factor in the Arabian Peninsula

Centre for International Studies and Research (CERI)

Paris France (18 September 2006)


Strengthening Civil Society in the Arab Region: Models for Legal Reform

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law

Beirut Lebanon (3 - 5 July 2006)


Sana'a Conference on Democracy, Political Reform and Freedom of Expression


Sana'a Yemen (25 - 26 June 2006)


Confronting the Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century

World Movement for Democracy

Istanbul - Turkey (2 - 5 April 2006)


First Municipality Works Conference

Bahraini Engineers Society

Manama Kingdom of Bahrain (26 - 27 March 2006)


Responding to the Needs of Children and Young People in Saudi Cities

Eastern Province Municipality

Dammam Saudi Arabia (20 - 22 February 2006)


Second Civil Forum Parallel to the Arab World Summit: Results of Two Years of Reform

Cairo Institute for Human Rights

Rabat Morocco (17 - 19 February 2006)


Islamic Movements and Democracy

Institute of Int'l Relations & Carnegie Endowment for Int'l Peace

Rome Italy (12 13 November 2005)


Conference of Network of Democrats in the Arab World

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy

Casablanca, Morocco (16 18 December 2005)


Shura, Democracy and Good Governance

King Faisal Research & Studies Center and CSID

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (19 20 December 2005)


The Role of MP's in Monitoring Corruption in the Arab World

Arab MP's Against Corruption

Kuwait Kuwait ( 30 November - 1 December  2005)


Democracy in the Post Communist World 

Club of Madrid

Prague, Czech Republic (10 - 12 November 2005)


Political Systems and Local Governance

Club of Madrid

Madrid Spain (11 - 13 July 2005)


Volence and Discrimination against women in GCC

Amnesty international

Bahrain (8 - 9 January 2005)


Fourth National Forum for Dialogue: Youth Issues

King Abdelaziz Center for National Dialogue

Dhahran Saudi Arabia (7 - 9 December 2004)


Human Rights in Peace and War

Saudi Society for Red Crescent

Riyadh Saudi Arabia (14 -15 October 2003) 

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